On Your Worth

Your worth is inestimable and incalculable.

Here's the thing.  Your worth is inestimable.  Your value incalculable.  And the quality of your brilliance, priceless.  

But if you don't know your worth you will struggle.  If you haven't been told your value, you will struggle.  The pain will be immense, and the consequence likely devastating. You will be lost in a sea of fear and self hatred: with no compass pointing you home.  With no compass pointing you, to the true North of Your being, of your Value, you are at risk of stumbling and falling. You are weakened and vulnerable and at risk of predators.  

At risk to those predatory spirits who, not knowing their worth and value, will see the tear in Your Self, sense the weakness and strike upon it.   

Your Life will be consumed by the distraction of Hate and lost to Love.   

You need to know that you have value.  Immense value.  You are of value.  Your Life is valuable.  Your Spirit immeasurable.  And the quality of your Love inestimable. 

Only by knowing that you are free, to live freely.  Truthfully.  Effortlessly.  And in tune with Your True Self.  

You need to know your worth.

You need to know that you are worth more than any person can tell you otherwise. 

It is as simple as that.


little Bear x