On You

God, the Universe, Allah, Brahman, All That IS, "It"

It did not make a mistake when It created you.

Some of us will have had troubles with feeling okay with being ourselves due to our own fears, OR the hurtful behaviours and words of others. 

Understand this: There is only one version of you.  Your version of you. You. Only You.

Magnificent, gorgeous, wonderful, wondrous, talented little You.  You are unique.  An individual.  A creation of Life.

You have so much to do and see in this life time.  You are here to share Your You with the world.  To bring Your Brilliance to the world.  

God did not make a mistake when he, she, It made you.  

If you are, or have been spoken to from fear, hate, spite, enmity, jealousy, those words are wrong. 

Those words of fear, spite and hatred are wrong. 

Anything or anyone who would seek to undermine you or limit you, is not entitled to do so.

You are here in this world in this life time, to bring your expression of you to us.  To the world.

To let us all see "your ethereal magnificence and true worth". 

And so to, as God did not make a mistake when he made you, nor did he make a mistake of all the other people around you. 

We are all another magnificent, gorgeous, wonderful and wondrous creation of all that IS.  

And We Are All One


little Bear x