On Word Power


Words have immense power.  Words have a vibratory force.  Words when spoken or read carry a force that will impact us: they will impact our body, they will impact our pysche, they will impact our emotions.  As a result, harmful words or unkind words, will disrupt our balance, our stability, our sense of self.  

Words that are hurtful or negative, will have a harmful or negative consequence.  Words that are kind, uplifting and loving will have a kind, uplifting and loving consequence.  

And so the principle of Cause and Effect, can well be demonstrated by the causal consequence of the written or spoken word.  And so to the power of the "self-fulfilling prophecy" should never be underestimated.  Your beliefs about another person, how you interact with that person, the words you use to describe that person will all have an impact on that person. If one is belittled one will suffer.  If one is treated unkindly one will suffer.  If one is loved and comforted one will feel loved and comforted.  

The power of the word is immense.  Because words are an everyday experience.  We experience words everyday.  We use words everyday.   We use words to help or harm each other.  Words are used to damn, demean, judge, criticise, dismiss, label.  These has an energetic consequence on the recipient.  

Words weave magic or cast spells.  Hence, the reason why defamation is karmically one of the worst acts you might perpetrate against another person.  For the damning consequence of the spoken word should never be underestimated.  

Words are a source of harm.  Words are a source of love.  Words are used to programme us.   Words are the foundations of our belief systems.  Words and language are powerful tools and are equipped with powerful energetic force. 

For a deeper understanding of the power of words read further "The Miracle of Water" by Masaro Emoto.  For this work is not really on the miracle of water but on the power of words.  You will see pictures of water crystals in a glass with the word love on the outside.  Then you will see pictures of water crystals in a glass with the word hate written on the outside.  The impact on the water crystal is graphic and devastating.  Use these images to understand the power of words when we use them against each other.  Then further, understand the harmful consequence of the accusation, very much a practice of 3rd dimensional consciousness. 

Understanding the power of words and understanding the power of self fulfilling prophecy, we will become mindful in the process of our conscious evolution, to speak above all else, carefully and kindly. 


little Bear 

© little Bear 2015