On War v LOVE


Both war and love require the expenditure of energy

War requires energy  

It requires emotion, money, resources and investment.  Whether it be social warfare, or armed warfare.  If armed warfare it requires fuel, armies and sacrifice.  

If social or armed warfare it requires hate, loathing, division and separation.  It requires fear.

It requires judgmentalness, delusion, presumptions of superiority, self aggrandisement.  It requires lies and propaganda. 

War burns. 


Love requires energy

It requires practice.  It requires patience.  It requires commitment.  It requires returning to it when you slip up.  

It requires selflessness, generosity, aggrandisement, compassion, understanding, humility and kindness. 

It requires softness and gentleness.  It requires warmth and openness.  It requires thoughtfulness.  It requires humour.  Indeed, LOVE, LOVES humour. 

It requires courage, bravery and stoicism.  It requires faith and surrender.  It calls on us to be our best when we fear all and have only our worst. 

Love sweetens. 


Imagine if We Were All One.  

Imagine if we knew how meaningless war and hate was, because we knew that we are each inextricably joined and linked, and all made from the very same matter.  

Imagine if we deeply understood that we are each others brother and sister.

Imagine if we understood that there is a Creative Life Force, that if we tuned into it, would offer alternative life serving and supporting choices to humankind. 

Imagine there is a higher vibration of energy, into which we can tune, to find alternative answers and solutions to the complexities of Life. 

Would we still choose to fight then?

Would we still see division and separation?

Would we still see threat and harm?

There is nothing to be scared of, or to fear, except for humankind itself.   

The conflict is the conflict that humans create.  Without which, there would be no conflict. 

Why not create something beautiful - a paper crane - instead?

It is not trite.  It really is a choice.  

A choice of how each of us would choose to spend our energy.   


We Are All One.


little Bear x