On Truth

Truth is an expression of Love.  A demonstration of Love. 

It exists as a force.  Truth is a vibratory force.  

Understand this, the truth has its own vibration.  Truth has its own frequency.  When the truth is written or spoken it can be felt.  

It registers unto its very own frequency and vibration. 

Truth has a vibration. 

Words spoken correctly, but without truth, will lack effect.  Will lack the force of truth. 

An apology, though the words said may be correct, without the ring of truth, will be meaningless.  

The truth can prove hard and difficult.  The truth is arduous against popular culture.  

Against popularity.  Against the social world.  Against fitting in.  Against being accepted by a group.  

Conformity to the group and truth do not exist as happy bedfellows. 

But no matter how much anyone person would seek to avoid the truth, it will always remain ever present, and waiting to be heard.

The Truth is the crystal thread of light and energy within the white noise that is life.  In the end only the truth matters.  The truth is the common thread of our humanity.  

The means by which we know that we are all one.  We are joined by the vibration of truth and by the vibration of love. 

When the truth is spoken it is known.


little Bear x

© little Bear 2015