On Toxic People

There are none.

There are no toxic people.  However, to call someone toxic is a rather noxious thing to do.

We are all a product of nature / nurture, our environment, our experiences growing up, our personalities (which are all different), the stories we have been told, our beliefs, our histories, our experiences and our persuasions.   We will be shaped by our environment.  We will understand who we are by our experiences and the things that we are told.  Some will be told a fairy tale, some will be told a horror story.  And so to the individual will grow around the story.  The story may consume the individual.  The true nature of the child may be lost to the experience and the story.  And then trouble ensues. 

The story and experience will dictate the consciousness of the individual.  

The individual's consciousness will then dictate the behaviour of the individual. 

Consciousness may then lead to behaviour that is unspeakably appalling, violent, harmful and dangerous. 

And this is the world we live in, today.

Cause and effect.  Everything is cause and effect. 

By this stage the behaviour of the individual may have very little to do with who that person actually is, in their true nature, in their heart and their soul: their actions are now driven by false and harmful beliefs.

We are human micro-chips.  We are programmed by our world and experiences.  We respond accordingly.  We will each grow differently, in a different way, around the stories that we are told and the experiences that we have. 

We are each, programmed, by our upbringing and life experience.  It is a powerful force: it can uplift or it can destroy.  And so in a very sophisticated world we will do everything we can to raise our children into the consciousness of love and high self esteem, awareness and worth for self and all others, from the beginning. 

And we are all responsible for the reality we live in.  We affect and impact each other. 

In a very sophisticated world we start to understand the distinction between the behaviour and the individual.  We will understand deeply the causal connection between experiences, story and selfhood and action.  And we will say what is the cause of the behaviour?  What harm or pain is driving the behaviour?  

And always, if there is room for kindness, compassion, wisdom and shining a light in a darkened room, then do so.

This understanding must start to evolve and become live in consciousness, for the reason that we must never underestimate the prophetic, damning and limiting power of words.  Words will impact the psyche of a person.  Words harm.  Words torture.  Words have a vibration and a physical and emotional impact on each of us. 

We will evolve when we learn and understand that our capacity to guide ourselves and each other, meaningfully through life to our "best selves", is the cornerstone of our humanity. 

It is true, hurt people, hurt people.  But always, if possible, show compassion where ever you can.  And if you can't, then leave.  Live and let live.  It is the prescription for living in a world of greater kindness. 

But resist the urge to label.  You will hurt someone further.  And moreover, it will not provide a cure. 

We Are All One.


little Bear x