On the Sacred Feminine

The Sacred Feminine is the driving force of conscious evolution and co-creative change.

The rigours of a capitalist / patriarchal world have caused great harm.  Men suffer, women suffer and LIFE suffers as a result of the imbalance in energy and practices.

The Sacred Feminine energy is a force of LIFE.  It is as force of Love.  It is speaking the words of truth.  It is connection with heart and nurturing.  It is humble and wise.  

Women need to return urgently to their most heart felt states: having the greatest degree of confidence in the value and necessity of the Sacred Feminine to the earth. To Humanity and to all the life forms on earth.  

The sacred feminine energy is soft, loving, kind, caring and wise, power, incisive, intelligent, fun and playful.  It is the antithesis of the masculine power and force.  Whilst the masculine predominates and manifests in patriarchal culture, our planet, and our ongoing survival is at risk.

LOVE is the force of LIFE.  Women carry the energy of love.  Women carry the energy of intuition and knowing.  Women carry wisdom and healing powers.

It is time for women to step into their Sacred Femininity.  To step into their sovereignty as women, as goddesses, healers, teachers, visionaries, seers, poets, creators, artists, philosophers, scientists, researchers, historians, mothers, nurturers engaged in the collection and proliferation of wisdom and truth.  To be engaged in collecting together to speak the words of LOVE, PEACE and Sustainability.  To connect with Mother Earth.  

To work constructively to healing Mother Earth and overcoming the practices of a capitalist / patriarchal world. 

To be engaged in speaking truthfully and with LOVE, regardless of the fear of ridicule.   To stand firmly in the power of the feminine.  To disallow further ridicule or condemnation of feminine power to subsist. 

The Sacred Feminine is the force of LIFE and is needed around the world. 


little Bear 

© little Bear 2015