On the Philosophy

Resurrection and Deconstruction 

The Philosophy is structured in two ways:

Firstly, to restore universal knowledge.  To repair that which is impaired in humankind's understandings of LIFE and existence.  So that we may commence co-creating a new reality together, in union.  In essence, to create and embed a new internal blueprint within the individual and collective mind that is centred and focused in the truth of our Oneness, from source of the Creative Life Force of All that IS, our connection to each other and all of LIFE and our inherent and individual unique brilliance, our inherent and unique worth. 

Secondly, the work will look at existing beliefs, systems and practices: that bind humankind in its current condition and commence the process of deconstruction of those beliefs, practices and systems, so as to pave the way for increased consciousness.  

The work will variously move between restoring knowledge [Resurrection] and deconstructing current beliefs, systems and practices [Deconstruction] in all four pillars: Us. You. Conscious Evolution. Mother Earth. 


little Bear 

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