On the "ism" of Capitalism


Capitalism is a system of organisation designed by men.

It is a system of regulation and control.  

It is not real.  It exists and informs and dictates our every day life, but it is not real.

It is a creation of man, it is not a creation of LIFE. 

You were not born into creation and into LIFE to spend it wondering how you would pay your next Telstra bill. 

Capitalism is a form of derangement against LIFE.  It exists in opposition to LIFE.  It exists in opposition to our planet and mother nature. 

Capitalism is a system that permits, indeeds requires, practices that are dogmatic, greedy, self interested, self involved, self serving, self justifying.  

The demands of capitalism require dis-association from our humanity, from each other.

Capitalism is a prophecy of freedom, where no such freedom exists.  

"Capitalism is Destructionism". 

Destruction of humanity, solidarity, our home, our expression, our essence, our planet.  Destruction of the dignity and potential that lies in every human to create a life of meaning and worth for themselves: rather than as slaves to a machine. 

In an era of mechanisation, capitalism is the machine, to whose bidding we are chained. 

Capitalism is a blind human-eating and nature eating machine.  It causes confusion and derangement in the hearts of men and women alike.  Confusion as to essence, birth rights, sovereignty and the ability to live Life with human dignity. 

The propaganda of the Capitalist system is pervasive and dictates our experience of Life, such that very few are able to truly experience the LIFE that LIFE intended for them.  

Life did not create us to have "careers" and to be soldiers of a destructive system.  

LIFE created us to have LIFE.  To grow, live, develop, experience, express, be, enjoy and evolve.

This history of Humankind's evolution has brought us to this juncture.

Capitalism is destructive.  It does not serve humanity and the experience of LIFE, or survival on the planet.  

The system is otiose and in conflict to the needs of Humankind and the planet earth. 

The time of conscious evolution will bring change.  

New systems that support humanity and LIFE will need to evolve.  

These systems, mechanisms (or how so ever they will manifest) will be created by those individuals living in their brilliance, and who were born to the earth for this purpose.


Little Bear

© little Bear x