On "the Future"

There is no future per se.  There is only the present moment.  And what we do in this present moment, will lead to the reality that we experience in the next present moment.  Cause and effect.  Input and results.  There is the future, it does exist, but we only exist NOW, in this moment.  

And what we do NOW will dictate the future that we will have.

So there is only this moment.  When understood from that perspective, the NOW is the most valuable moment, that ever existed in the history of the world.

Only this, the moment that you are in, matters.  Everything else is secondary to the moment.  When we conceive of the importance of the moment, that LIFE only exists in the moment, then we are truly free to create.  Because we become in the moment.  Our potential is unlocked in the present moment.  And as we become conscious to our potential, our most heart felt potential, we give effect to its possibility in the present moment.  In the NOW.  

And so our action words for the moment, for the NOW, the power words to create a new reality: to nurture, to nourish, to take care, to be careful, to be conscious, to be mindful, to soften, to embrace, to expand, to explore, to create, are the verbs - the action words - of the present so that we may create and grow into a healthier and more balanced future.  

Our children are not the future.  

We. Here. Today. Are the future.  

And the future we create, for ourselves individually and collectively, is the one that we create with the actions we take today. 


little Bear

© Little Bear 2015