On the Creative Life Force of All That IS


God,  the Universe,  Existence,  Infinity,  Brahman,  Allah,  Buddha,  LIFE... 

The Creator of Life.  The Stars.  The Universe. The Planets. The Earth. 

The Creator of all creatures on Earth. 

The Everything. 

The Creative Life Force of All That IS.

We are its product.  It's constituents.  It's experiment.  

We live in the petri-dish experiment called Life.

We are all a product of the one Creative Life Force.

We are all made by the one Creative Life Force.

Think of the Benetton Ad campaign in the late '80's "the United Colours of Benetton". 

We are "the United Colours of Existence". 

We are incarnated to experience Life.  

To Grow.  To Evolve.   

We Are All One. 


little Bear x