On Spiritual Lore


Spiritual Lore prevails above all else.  

It is the Lore of infinite wisdom.  It exists in all of our exchanges: in business, in society, in Life.  The fundamental foundation of Spiritual Lore is justice and fairness. 

Spiritual Lore exists in all of our endeavours.  It is the quiet voice that guides you to your own rightfulness or wrongfulness.  

Notably, it may be consistent with society or entirely inconsistent.  

Spiritual lore is held and found within the conscience and heart of all of Humankind.  We all have access to the truth of the Lore at all times.  

Spiritual Lore, is not what other people expect us to do, but rather what is profoundly rightful to do in any given circumstance.  

To that extent it is not a fixed lore.  But is is a Just and Fair Lore.  Hence, the Law of man is crafted from Spiritual Lore (but not always).  From that which humankind knows it is Heart and Soul to be just.  The Law of humankind seeks to embody the principles of Spiritual Lore: justice and fairness, due process, equanimity, the right to a fair trial etc.  

But the Law of Humankind will never embody or reach to the depths of Spiritual Lore.  

Spiritual Lore, and wisdom, craves satisfaction at the level of the Heart and Soul.  Not the Ego.  Any action taken out of alignment with Spiritual Lore, an act of the Ego that is inconsistent with the individuals own Highest Self, will be felt at the level of conscience.  It will be, at best, an uncomfortable feeling.  At worst, sickening. There will be feelings of regret and shame. 

For a long time I lived outside my own Spiritual Lore: trying to fit into this world.  Just trying to fit in and be accepted.  Not only did that lead to immense pain and suffering I was living out of alignment with my own self.  

To evolve Humankind, and each of us, need to move past the everyday life of fitting into society, and ego, and choose to live deeply in Spiritual Lore.  

A wisdom that will frequently produce unexpected guidance and results.  

Each human being living deeply in Spiritual Lore, and harnessing their own Brilliance:  will quite simply create a new world. 


little Bear x