On Your Soul Contract

We each are incarnate pursuant to a Soul Contract.  It is between God and the self. 

No one else knows of it, or is privy to it.  Life is a sacred experience.  As between the Soul and the Creative Life Force of All That IS.

Humankind has sought to intervene.  Society has sought to intervene. Religion has sought to intervene.  Class status has sought to intervene.  Perceptions as to race have sought to intervene.  And numerous other interventions have sought to intervene.

And all of these interventions, of the humankind, would observe and judge another individual's life experience.  Would judge the individuals worth.  And following would condemn, banish, constrain, dictate, avenge, aggrandise, aggregate, dismember, or conversely love, adore, revere. 

There is not one person entitled to judge another's journey.  

There is a Soul Contract of which the observer knows nothing.  There is also endless life experiences of which the casual observer will know nothing. 

In this journey, in this life, you are directly and always connected to the Creative Life Force of All That IS.  To your creator.  

You will find your way home to Life through your Heart.   Live in Your Brilliance.  Live in Your Heart. 

Go there often.  Live in your heart as much as you can.


little Bear x