On Selfhood


In the words of the great man, "in all things in Life to thine own self be true", and "know thyself". 

This is selfhood.  It is to sit firmly within the state of your brilliance, self awareness and truth.  

To an experienced practitioner of selfhood they are unmoved by the outside world.  Unmoved by appearances.   True, this is a level of mastery that is akin to a Zen like state of conscious awareness of self, and that which is not self.  And to be unmoved by that which is not self.   Buddha consciousness.  The state of consciousness of all the great masters. 

But in our everyday life, it is important as we grow into our selfhood, to grow into who we know ourselves to be, and out of who we don't believe ourselves to be.  And if your friend or foe will try to tell you otherwise, to the greatest extent possible, to be unmoved by that which does (in fact, because we are all human) have the power to move you. 

Selfhood carries with it "belief".  Belief in one's self.  Belief in one's virtues and wisdom.  In a crazy world where we all crave recognition and applause (because the ego just does), selfhood is the calming balm to the ego's crazy desires.  Belief in one's self.  

Through a practice of mindfulness, you will start to create Selfhood.  Wherever you are in your life.  You will start to tune into yourself: your brilliance, your beauty, your words, your humour, your wisdom, your possibilities. 

As the Master has said:  "In all things in life to thine own self be true". 


little Bear

© Little Bear 2015