On Practice


There is no value to the words, without Practice.  Practice is everything.  Our individual and collective, conscious evolution requires Practice.

A set of ever evolving Practices: meditation, mindfulness, self care, conscious communication, self love, leaving that which is unhealthy behind. 

A commitment to Practicing.  A discipline to Practicing.  A mindfulness to the benefits of Practicing.  

Practice is giving effect to the value of the words.  Practice is cashing in on the wisdom cheque.   Practice is deciding that you want change, in your world, in the world and setting about, to do that small part that you might.  

Without Practice, the words become meaningless.  They are nothing more than beautiful, or challenging, thoughts on a page. 

Practice brings change.  Practice brings growth.  Practice brings wisdom, insight.  Practice brings freedom.  Practice brings calm.  Practice brings serenity. 

Practice and fulfilling relationships - not a consumer world - brings happiness. 

Practice is everything. 


little Bear

© little Bear 2015