On "Perception is Reality"

Perception is not, and never will be reality.  One's perception of another person is as useful as a pimple on the end of one's nose.

My view on you, will without a doubt bear little to any resemblance as to the truth of who you are.  

Your view on me, will without a doubt bear little to any resemblance as to the truth of who I am.

Perception may well develop based on our respective behaviours and practices towards each other.  And we will judge each other for that.  And it will bear no resemblance to who either of us are as people.  We are different people.  We have different practices, different upbringings, different beliefs, different expectations.  Alignment - accord and satisfaction - between any two people will always be a miracle.  Hence the principle of live and let live. 

Perception is a subjective assessment of one person by another person.  It is arbitrary and subjective, and therefore of little worth or merit.  It is an assessment performed by the ego, not by the heart. 

In the process of conscious evolution the notion of "perception is reality" will become seen to be what it is.  A ruse for the truth.  And a foundation for unkind practices to develop.  A place for the ego to play and create havoc.  The notion that "perception is reality" is very much thinking of the third dimensional consciousness.   

If you want to know who someone is, talk to them.  Find out about them.  Find out what they love, what makes them happy.  Engage in conversation and a joke.  If they are shy recognise that.  Do not put your interpretations on them.  Leave them be.  

Curbing everyday practices that are harmful, is a building block to greater shifts in consciousness. 

Contrast "perception is reality" with the "power of perception".

The power of perception is a unique and not universal ability to "see" into a situation.  To see nuance, to see truth, to see with clarity the truth of a situation.  This ability stems from an inner wisdom and compassion.  It is a heart and intuitive power.  It is an empathetic power.  It is the power of perception, the ability to see clearly and with clarity.  And because it is a power borne of love it is a healing power.   It is a power to see truth. 

There is no reality where there is perception.  There is just perception, an illusory thought form of one person (usually) against another.  

It is just one person's take on things.  And because we are human it is mostly wrong. 


little Bear 

© little Bear 2015