On Patriarchy


At eight years of age my father (who is a genuine, sincere and kind man) sat me down and explained, with great solemnity and reverence, that "I am indeed equal to a man": as if this was breaking and ground breaking news.  It wasn't.  It isn't.  All I could think in reply, at eight years of age, was "Oh dear, this is going to be a long ride". 

Do not become distracted by patriarchy.  It is an illusion.  It is the not the truth of Life, the truth of Love or the the truth of Existence.

Patriarchy is not aligned with Love Consciousness, with God Consciousness, with the Creative Force of Life, which is a force of Love. 

Understand that patriarchy is founded in a lie, in a mistruth.  Patriarchy (being a body of beliefs and practices), at its core, is nothing more than a man-made statement of conjecture and speculation as to the relative worth of men versus women: around which a whole world history and system has developed. 

Patriarchy is a profoundly well indoctrinated "fabrication".  But be not be mistaken: is very well entrenched.  To argue with it now is to throw stones at a well defended and impenetrable fortress.  It is a creeping plant, its roots run deep and its leaves cover and suffocate the face of earth and dictate the worlds systems: religious, political, corporate, cultural and economic systems. 

 And it fundamentally believes itself to be right.  Even if it says it doesn't.  To seek its consort, permission, agreement or consent is wasteful of energy and also belies the Truth: the truth of Life, the truth of You, the truth of Us and the truth of Love.  

And so do not ask patriarchy to converse with you, agree with you, make way for you or make allowance for you.  Patriarchal thinking is enmeshed and embedded.  It is long held.  To ask patriarchy to see, acknowledge and value you is no different than a slave begging its captor to see his or her value and set him or her free.  

So understand this.  Patriarchy is a mountain. A mountain that will rise before you as an obstacle to many endeavours or experiences in your life - for many, many if not most women and in some cases men also.  

But do not ask the mountain to move.  Do not plead with the mountain.  Do not throw stones at the mountain.  Do not cry before the mountain.  Do not scream at the mountain.  Please do not roar before the mountain.  Do not ask the mountain permission to let you by.  Do not ask it to LET YOU scale IT'S heights.  

Power simply does not surrender itself that easily. 

And certainly, under no circumstances, should you try to be the mountain.  

Ladies, Women of the World, Warrior Goddesses & Goddesses: understand this, you have absolutely no business being a mountain. 

Patriarchy is a long-held and now well entrenched mistake.  You do not argue with a mistake.  

But rather seek to create change.  And understand this, change is borne by opportunity. 

So create new opportunities. 

Rather than engage with the mountain, be smarter than it. Be feminine. Be brilliant.  Be intelligent.  Be a force of nature.  Be creative.  Be wise.  Be self-respecting.  Be insightful.  Be clever.  If you must, be sensible.  Above all else, maintain your dignity: as a Woman.  And when and wherever the obstacle of the mountain appears - and all the beliefs of condescension and patronage that comprise it - find your way around, under, over or through it.  Focus your vision on your destination and move relentlessly and unapologetically towards it.   It does not matter what path around, under, over or through the mountain, you choose.  

But, fundamentally, ignore the mountain and what the mountain may try to tell you of You as a woman, or its beliefs on life.  

The mountain is a false-prophet. 

And if what the mountain will tell you, is not the Truth - which it is not - then it is not worth listening too.

Instead believe in your femininity and feminine virtues.  Believe in the power of your intuition.  Honour and value your radiance.  Honour and value your femininity. Honour and value your strength, power and intelligence.  Honour and value your beauty and creativity.  Honour and value your voice.  Honour and value your words of peace, love and healing.  Cherish you capacity to heal.  Honour and value your ability to nurture, create, bear life, intuit, see, hear and sense.  Honour and value your sexuality and sensuality.  Honour and value the strength, insightfulness and softness that is the feminine heart.  

Treasure yourself AS a Woman.  Treasure your virtues AS a Woman. 

Honour and value feminine wisdom.  Honour and value your healing powers as a medicine woman, or healer. 

Honour and value your divine, faultless and flawless integrity and radiance as a Woman.   

Cherish.  Value. Honour.  Do not question it.  Nor allow another to question the intrinsic value of Womanhood and the Sacred Feminine.

Treat the masculine with respect.  Because you are self-respecting.  And where ever possible shine a light in the darkness.  It is now all our jobs, for each other, to shine a light in the darkness. 

Do not stand for idiocy or nonsense: but let your actions in reply be based in your highest esteem of yourself as a Woman, your femininity, your value and your self-respect. 

And finally, honour and value, your individuality and your uniqueness.  Honour and value your ability to create and your You.  Be brave enough to be brilliant as your shining brilliance would ask you to be (even if you feel shy: be shyly & quietly brilliant, that is perfectly okay).  Follow your heart.  Chart your path.  Believe in yourself.  Plant your own garden of wonder and beauty.  Believe in your value to contribute and create.  Believe in your intrinsic worth as a Woman.  And in so doing eschew all lies and eschew all untruths.  Crossing, tunnelling or rounding the mountain may well be painful and difficult.  But we are here now, this is our world here and now.  We are responsible for embracing the possibility of a new world.  And developing the practices that will create that.  The paths of creativity and ingenuity that we lay now - around, under, over and through the mountain - create the imprint for a new consciousness on Earth.  

And so, over time the mountain will come to understand of its insignificance & impermanence to the path of Life.  And to Feminine expression.  And so, over time, the tunnels that have been dug relentlessly through the core of the mountain will weaken the mountain.  And by and by the tracks over the mountain will cause the mountain to erode.  And then by and by, one day, the mountain will collapse.  The mountain will cave-in on itself.  And in the wake of its debris, will be possibility.  The building blocks of a new possibility. 

The possibility of paths, beliefs and practices based in truth and Love Consciousness. 

The balance of the healing and creative Sacred Feminine with the power of the Divine Masculine.  Alignment with Truth. 

This is some time from now.  For now, Goddesses of the world, start laying your own pathways.  Build your pathways to a new world.  To a new Love Consciousness.  Believe in the power of your Intuition.  Honour and value your Voice.  Honour and value your Wisdom.  Honour and value your Femininity. Honour and value your words of intelligence, insightfulness, peace, love and healing.  Do not tolerate rubbish, harmful or hateful behaviour.  Do not laugh at jokes that are offensive to your integrity as a Woman.  Call on each other to be a beacon of Radiant Feminine light.  Honour and value your strength and power.  Honour and value your crazy, wild emotional self*.  Honour and value your ability to nurture, create and bear life.  Honour and value your intuitive powers.  Honour and value your healing powers.  Honour and value your sexuality and sensuality.  Honour and value the strength and softness that is the feminine heart.  Honour and value your power and strength.

Honour and value your divine, faultless and flawless integrity and radiance as a Woman.   

Cherish it.  Value it.  Honour it.  Do not question it.  Nor allow another to question the intrinsic value of womanhood and the Sacred Feminine.  

Honour and value your Sister.  Treat your sister with respect and Love.  Be loving and decent towards each other. 

Honour, love and cherish your sacred feminine spirit and all that flows with and from that.  Be a creator. 

The Sacred Feminine is an immense healing power.  It may save humankind.  

And it may be that there is now, nothing else that can. 

little Bear x

© little Bear 2015

*Of all the points of condescension in patriarchal thinking this is indeed powerful, debilitating to women and pertinent.  Understand this, men are wild and emotional: and with their unchecked emotions & egos men are prone to starting pub brawls and world wars.