On Our Relationship with Nature: Gaia Sophia our Mother Earth

The path to a new world depends immediately upon the restoration of Humankind's relationship with Nature, Mother Earth, our Planet, our Earth Mother. 

At some time in the evolutionary march of Humankind, Humankind became disconnected from nature.  Perhaps around the time of the Industrial Revolution, earlier, later it doesn't matter.  What does matter is that at some point in the evolutionary process Humankind disconnected from Mother Earth.  And the disconnection was a fundamental disconnection.  A permanent severing of "conscious" ties.  An "Us" versus "It" mentality.  An assumption of superiority to nature.  To Earth. To LIFE.  

In the evolutionary march of Humankind there have been wins and there have been losses.  There have been mistakes.  This belief.  This mis-guided belief held by Humanity, as to its superiority to Mother Nature, to Earth, to LIFE is an immense mistake.

Mother Nature, Mother Earth is LIFE.  We exist because of her.  We are entitled to LIFE because of her.  Disconnection from Nature is a disconnection from LIFE.

That then becomes a process of self-destruction.  

Humankind by its mistaken beliefs as to superiority, supremacy and ultimate importance, is now a blinded fool running head long into his own destruction. 

Humankind now demonstrates itself, by its systems, practices and beliefs as one of the least sophisticated and least evolved species on the planet. 

Humankind is not superior to Mother Nature, to Mother Earth to our Earth Mother.  

Humankind is inferior.  Humankind is just one of many species of life, living on this planet.

There are innumerable life forms on this planet.  On this Earth.  Humankind is one species amongst millions.  

Everything is living.  Everything is alive.  Everything is energy.   Planet earth is a living breathing organism and ecosystem. 

Change must become immediate and sustainable.  

New beliefs must be based in Humility and reverance for the power, grandeur and beauty of Nature and Mother Earth.  

Reverence for Gaia Sophia, Mother Earth.  The incarnation of LIFE and the force of LIFE that sustains and provides for our very existence. 

New practices based on renewability, sustainability and and living in harmony with Nature must be implemented. 

Any systems, economic, political and / or social that do not support the awareness of LIFE must be immediately reviewed, changed, ended. 

And the practices of the commercial / capitalist world will become a practice of the past.  They support nothing.


little Bear

© little Bear 2015