On Nurturing

"to nurture"

n. 1 process of bringing up or training (esp. children); fostering care.

2. nourishment.

3. sociological factors as influencing or determining personality.

The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary, 4th edn, 2000

As we consciously evolve we will grow to understand the importance of nurturing: predominately to nourish and care.

To nourish and care for ourselves.  To nourish and care for our children. To nourish and care for each other.  

To nurture positive life expectations and opportunities in our minds.  To nurture and create space to exist as creative, self realised beings.  

To nourish and care for our environment and Nature.  To understand the symbiotic nature of the exchange.  To understand how Nature supports and indeed simply sustains us.  

To understand our connection to LIFE and to care for and nurture our connection to LIFE. 

To nurture, to take care, to be careful, to be conscious, to be mindful, to be aware are the verbs - the action words - of the present so that we may grow into a healthier and more balanced future.  

The children are not the future.  

We. Here. Today. Are the future.  And the future we create is the one that we create with the actions we take today. 


little Bear

© little Bear 2015