On Nature.  On Mother Nature

A source of infinite, living and breathing Wisdom.  The Kingdom of Humankind and ALL creatures of LIFE.  The LOVER.  

She is our world.  She is the living, life serving kingdom of Humankind and ALL creatures who reside upon and within her.  

She is the Creative Life Force of All That IS made manifest.  She is Home.  She provides Home.  She carries LIFE.  She carries the energy of LIFE.  The wisdom of LIFE. 

She is LOVE made manifest.  She is a living, wondrous, beautiful, majestic, organism of LIFE, LOVE and BEAUTY.

And humankind lives in confusion and conflict with her.   Confusion as to the Superior status of Mother Nature.  Conflict as to permissible practices to support Life. 

Humankind,  mistakenly thinks it is the Creative Life Force.  That it can manipulate, control, exploit, dominate and expend its dominion.

Humankind is not the Creative Life Force and humankind does not have control.   Humankind is a Product of Life.  

Humankind is just one of the many constituents that make up the experience of LIFE. 

Yet, "I".  Humankind.  Carving its needs upon the earth.  Scarring.  Dredging.  Clearing.  Soiling.  Abusing.  Ransacking. Vandalising.  Diminishing.  Exhausting. 

Humankind's relationship to the natural world - domination and manipulation - must now be seen as historical, misconceived and out of date.  

Smoke stacks, open cut mining, clear felling, dredging, waste dumping, culling, exploiting and on and on, are historical landscapes and practices that are out of date.  

Mother Nature is the kingdom of Humankind and ALL the creatures of LIFE.   Humankind is living out of alignment with Nature. 

Out of alignment with Love and the Creative Life Force of All That IS.  Out of alignment with LIFE itself.  Nature is the Source of Life.   

Humankind is subordinate to Nature.  Humankind is subordinate to LIFE.  Humankind is a (mere) product of Life.  

Humankind is in delusion.  And the risk of the delusion is magnificent it is so great.  Humankind's relationship to, and practices against Nature, are delusional.

Mother Nature will not retaliate to cause harm.  She is LOVE.  But she will save herself first.  She is the Force of Life.  And she will protect herself first.  

Once the threat of Humankind to LIFE is too great, destruction will follow. It will be indiscriminate.  Like any natural disaster.  Life will be lost.  There will be no reason.  

The Laws of Nature are finite.  Yet, the Power of Nature is INFINITE. 

Mother Nature is Superior.  LIFE is Superior. 

And Humankind remember this, you ARE NOT the Creative Life Force of All That IS.


little Bear x