On Mindfulness

The place where we can separate ourselves from our conditioned mind.

This is where all change begins.  In each of our own minds.  So that we might connect more deeply into our own hearts.

But if you are above 8 years of age, and the programming has commenced, then the mind would like to prevent that.  Would like you to prevent you connecting into your own heart, into your own source.  It is the human condition.  There is nothing to argue with.  

But just understand that the quality of our thoughts, which many times are a result of errant programming and experiences, are affecting and informing our reality. From this place all else flows.

Mindfulness is a critical cure in stemming the flow of self harming and / or harmful thoughts.  It is the place of noise and silence.  

The place of hearing and observing the chatter, so that following you may come into greater access with your own flow.  With your own true self.

And from there love for self, and connectedness to self, can grow.  

If you have been deeply hurt in your experience of life, then mindfulness and developing a practice of mindfulness will help you to heal and restore your wounded self. 


little Bear

© little Bear 2015