On the Energy of Love

the Creative Life Force of All That IS, is a Force of LOVE.

Anything that is not "in LOVE" is out of alignment with Life.

Any experience we have in Life, that is not "in LOVE" is out of alignment with LIFE: with the Creative Life Force of All That IS. 

LOVE is a vibration.  Just like a ring tone.  It has a vibratory field.  It is set at a higher vibration than hate.  

To evolve, we need to seek to cause our vibrations to lift.  

And to do that we need, as much as possible, to identify our fears, blind spots, hurts, weaknesses and heal them.

LOVE is a practice.  Just as hate is a practice.  LOVE is a practice.  

We need to choose to put our energy into LOVE. 

Humankind has practiced hate, judgmentalness and greed for a millennia.

Humankind has also been confused for a millennia as to the truth of its existence.  

We Are All One. 

It is now time to tune into the Truth of Life.  To tune into the Truth of Creation.

It is time to tune into the vibration, the energy and the spirit of LOVE.

The vibration of LOVE.  The healing well spring of LOVE.  The elixir of Life. 

In our daily lives it is time to learn and to start practicing LOVE.  

Not air kissing.  

But real, LOVE of self and LOVE of other.

I'm going to LOVE myself kind of LOVE.

I am going to express myself and my creativity and my brilliance kind of LOVE.

And love of other,

I'm not going to judge you or demean you kind of LOVE.  

I am going to give you the freedom to exist and express yourself kind of LOVE.

I am going to live and let live, kind of LOVE. 

And if I can't love you, I'm going to draw on the power of LOVE to leave well enough alone, and cause you no harm, kind of LOVE. 

The LOVE that takes work, and effort and humility and is given without any promise of return or reward.

But does and will create JOY, connectedness, solidarity, LOVE, beauty, truth.  

Real LOVE does not harm or hurt another. 

That kind of LOVE. 

As a daily practice.

As a way of Life. 

And if you think about it, you have a choice.  

If you don't choose LOVE then you will by default choose hate or some grey wasteland that no-one would want to exist in, or receive visitors in.  

Choose LOVE.  

There is now nothing else left. 

We Are All One. 


little Bear x