On Judgment & Condemnation


Judgmentalness comes from ego.  And so judgmentalness comes from fear. 

Anyone engaged in judgmentalness leading to condemnation against another, is fundamentally in fear of the process of Life. 

And so would seek to control the world, the physical world, or their emotional world by judging and condemning, another.  

Perhaps deeply, they judge themselves also.

Judgmentalness demands someone else to conform to another's "take" on things: failing which there will be sanctions.  To fall into line, to agree, to tow the party line, to surrender individuality, to place importance on someone else's feelings over one's own etc. 

Where judgementalness results in condemnation of a person, then everyone's humanity will suffer.  Everyone's.  Condemnation is an action of hate.  And is possibly one of the most insidious forms of hate in our world.  It starts small.  And its everywhere.  And often times it is well disguised. 

It's in the social group.  It's in the school tuck shop.  It's at the PTA Meetings.  It's on the soccer field.  It's in the corporate office.  It's in suburbia.  It's in the cities. It's in the country.  It is of course all of politics.  And all of our social world. Then ultimately, it is on the battlefield.  It creates war. 

Everywhere, someone is judging someone else, which is a relatively natural human behaviour.  However, where any individual uses a personal assessment of someone else, to dictate, condemn or cause harm, that is antithetical to the creation of a civilised, compassionate and caring community.  

And so condemnation is entirely inconsistent with the Creative Life Force of All That IS.  With Spiritual Lore.  With LOVE.

Judgmentalness, of the damning variety, is fundamentally out of alignment with Life.  And profoundly out of alignment with LOVE. 

Paired with defamation and these are two of the worst abuses: Against the Soul.  Against the individual.  And out of alignment with Spiritual Lore.

This is important and must be understood for what it is.  

Until all of humanity can curb its need and appetite to judge and condemn each other (whether that be nation states or social warfare) world peace* and / or harmony, will remain an illusion.  

There is no peace or harmony where there is judgment and condemnation.  And the problem with such conduct is that one person is assuming a state of superiority over another.  This is an entrenched ego state.  Love isn't found in ego.  

Where ever there is an opportunity for judgment there stands also an opportunity for compassion or just plain and simple humility. 

And mostly, no-one standing in judgment of another person, need ever think that they are necessarily right.  

Indeed as we become more sophisticated, we will see that we will treat those who leap to judgment and condemnation with less fear, and greater compassion. 

We Are All One


little Bear x


*See comments on world peace elsewhere.