On Individuality 


In the words of Sting, on being an evil, alien Englishman in New York, "... just be yourself, no matter what they say".

Individuality is one's trademark in life.  The trademark of one's being.  Each of us are entitled to express their individuality, greatness and creativity.

That is where greatness lies.  Indeed that is where Spirit lies.  Spirit created each of us as an individual to bring our light and colour to the world.

Be free to be Who You Are.  It is your birthright.  Your Souls Contract.  And the pathway to your happiness.  To your greatest satisfaction.

All great things come from individuals freely expressing their wonderful creative selves.  Their intelligent selves.  Their Brilliance.  From shining the Light of their Being.

Shame and harm exist when one is hiding one's self.  There may be many reasons to hide, but try not to.  Your freedom lies in your greatness.

Your happiness lies in your greatness.  And our world benefits from your happiness and freedom.

Think of all the great people who stand out, because they have followed their brilliance, their intelligence, truth, creativity: Chanel, Einstein, Sass & Bide, Amelie Earhart the list in endless.  

But you do not need to stand out.  Your greatness could be leading a quiet life raising three beautiful children.   You don't need to be famous.  

You do not need to aspire to be famous.  There are enough famous people.  

You just need to wish to experience and express all of yourself that you know is contained within you.  That is why you have incarnated into this Life.  

There is no normal.  Forget normal.  There is no call for homogeneity.  

Our individuality is the colour of Life.  It turns Life from an oversized Bunnings store, full of same same, into a Bespoke Boutique Candy store, full of fun, colour and Life. 

The "the United Colours of Existence" is made up of many, many shapes, flavours and forms.



little Bear x