On Gratitude


It is wise to practice Gratitude daily.  

Howsoever, you would choose to do so.  The Balinese make offerings daily, three times a day.  It is a ritual and a practice.  It is love and gratitude in action.

And this discussion of love and gratitude is applicable to each of "On You", "On Us" and "On Conscious Evolution".  

To developing a daily practice to give thanks for all that you have, all that is in your life. 

But it feels right to discuss gratitude in the space of considering our Planet.  

Humankind must find and practice gratitude to Mother Nature and Planet Earth.  

Humankind must surrender to the Force that is Life and Mother Nature and immediately start to give thanks and gratitude.

Deep humility is required.  Mother Nature is a conscious living Life Force, who is being harmed by the activities of Humankind.

Open cut mining hurts.  Clear felling hurts.  Dredging the habour hurts.  Catching all the fish hurts.  Killing the whales hurts.  Poisoning lakes, rivers and streams hurts. 

We are all connected and joined.  The energy joins us all.  

And Mother Nature is in pain.  And she needs our supplication, thanks and gratitude and our immediate end to harmful practices that hurt her. 

I say this with prayers for Mother Nature that she will be healed and recovered from the harm caused by Humankind; and that Humankind will quickly grasp the enormity of its actions against earth and take immediate measures to change and to live in harmony with Mother Nature and the Creative Life Force of All That IS. 


little Bear x