On Feminism 


There is a spiritual reality that lies dormant in the consciousness, hearts and experience of humankind.  

At the level of spirit there is no inequality.  There is no question of it.  We Are All One.  We are all equal. We are all an equal creation of the Creative Life Force of All That IS.

In the social world, in society, in the majority of societies and cultures across the globe, there is a practice of inequality between men and women.  And that inequality manifests in a variety of ways: behaviours, beliefs and sanctions against women.  To varying degrees of atrocity. 

Humankind create division, layers and separation.

Spirit knows nothing of mans madness. There was no original sin.  At a human level the question needs to be examined at its core.  The genesis of the madness uncovered (hint: religion).  The truth be exhumed from the relics of dogma, stigmatisation and propaganda and then the balance of spirit and life restored.  

The issue is one of value.  Men and women are equal as a question of value to the experience of human life on earth.  Neither sex is superior. 

In every sphere, in every being, in the world of Spirit all humans are equal.

As a note, at a practical level:

The woman who does not go by the title of feminist (but actively achieves and succeeds) lives and functions, in the greater truth of Spirit and in the Spirit of Truth (think Julie Bishop). 

The woman who calls herself a feminist and "fights for equality" is living in the world of man. 

As a question of evolution:

The dogma needs to be unbundled and viewed for the series of mistruths as to the worth or value of women that evolved a millennia ago.  And that are now entrenched. The unbundling will take time.  Following, and contemporaneously, let the vibratory force start to explore examine and build on the principles of the Divine Masculine and the Sacred Feminine.  

We Are All One

[And the Creative Life Force of All That IS, is smarter than humankind and knows more of the Truth of its own Creation, than does man.]  

Let the growing and healing begin 

little Bear x

© little Bear 2015