On Evolution

The evolutionary path is a path of the growth in sophistication.

As humankind becomes more aware of its own mechanics: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, so to it can evolve.

As awareness of the Force of Life, the Creative Life Force of All That IS, deepens, so to humankind can and will evolve.

So to as awareness of our inseparability from each other and ALL of LIFE grows and develops, so to Humankind will adapt its beliefs and practices to be in alignment with this truth.

The evolutionary process is one of shedding a skin or a layer.

It is growing out of something: a belief, a thought, a practice that until the moment before it was believed to be valid or legitimate.

It is the realisation of new information, new knowledge, new awareness that leaves all that went before it redundant. 

Do not fear growth and change. 

Humankind has grown in sophistication from its former self as cave man, through the epochs, until the present day: with many leaps, bumps, falls and set backs along the way. 

There is great knowledge and wisdom to be learnt from the past: and our evolution and collective wisdom must start to consciously ingest and learn the lessons of the past. 

Conscious evolution and the evolution of consciousness can occur in no other way. 

The evolutionary cycle will continue.

Conscious evolution is an exciting moment in the history of Humankind, it is the moment Humankind develops self awareness: and so consciousness can expand to a deeper and greater level than ever before.  

Such is the impetus of the Humankinds present condition, that there is no other choice, other than to evolve.  There is no time for pessimism. 

Trust in the process.  Trust in LIFE.  Trust in yourself.


little Bear x

© Little Bear 2015