On Real World Wisdom

On Conflict

  1. You will always think you are right.  The other party will always think that they are right.  Dispense with "right".  Focus on authenticity and truth.  Find your way to harmony and healing. 
  2. Anyone who will judge, condemn or damn you invites that upon themselves in reply.  A great spirit will do their best to find their way past that option, to kindness and compassion. 
  3. Real resolution and resolve requires both sides.  It's a team effort.
  4. By all means speak your truth; but have the courtesy to allow your adversary to speak theirs in reply.  Then see point 1. 
  5. In every conflict there is always a place of peace.  It is the moment when the ego surrenders to the heart and to truth. 
  6. You are not right.  I am not right.  No one is right.  There is just selfhood and the moment we live in.  
  7. All conflict is borne of the ego state. The truth belies conflict.  We are all one.  There is no conflict. 
  8. Where unnatural imbalance arises, seek to restore it.  

On the Sacred Feminine 

  1. Goddesses, warrior women of the world, find your voices, find your truth, heed the siren call: and start speaking your feminine wisdom urgently.

On Ego 

  1. Ego really can be a pesky troublesome thing.  Take two slices of humble pie.  A shot of vodka and get on with being brilliant. 
  2. Truth is not found in the Ego.