On Ego 

In the words of the Sky Hooks, “Ego is not a dirty word”.

Ego is important. 

It is where an individual’s source of pride, self respect and self esteem is sourced. 

It is the furnace within which “egotistical qualities” such as ambition, personality, drive, determination and self affirming and life affirming forces exist.  

All of those qualities are important to the realisation of one's self and one's path and purpose in life.

But ego can also be dangerous.  Ego can live in excess and in direct opposition to Love Consciousness.  Ego is where evil comes from. 

And an absence of ego can be equally as dangerous. Ego can exist in excess.  Highly egotistical individuals will be defined by their "ego (most self interested) self" and will make excessively egotistical, singularly self interested choices which can be harmful, cruel and hurtful to others.  

There will be absent thoughtfulness, kindness, compassion, consideration, fairness, justice.  There is the risk of behaviour that would be described as selfish, solely self interested, thoughtless, cruel, capricious and unkind.  Think Machiavelli, the Prince.

An absence of ego is equally as dangerous.  That person is susceptible to bullying and being crushed. 

For that person, there will be a struggle to develop a sense of self, a sense of "I", with consequences that can lead to extreme depression, repression or hiding of the persons true self, failure to experience life and one’s self fully and follow one’s truth and at worst, suicide.  The risk is of being victimised. 

Ego is important as it is necessary for the concept of “I” by which any individual is to protect themselves, and make self affirming and life affirming choices.  

It is a component of identity.  It is one aspect of how one knows oneself.  Pride, integrity and self-respect are fuelled by the furnace of ego.

However, ego, demonstrated in, of and for, only itself, is heartless and soul less.  And creates a harsh, cruel, unjust, frightening, violent and careless world.

Importantly, Ego is the smallest part of the self.  It is a mere 5% slice of the "self pie".  It is not who you are, but fires the furnace to express Who You Are.

Let your power come from your heart and your soul.  Let your souls truth describe who you are, not your Ego's self serving version of truth. 

Who you are is found in Your Heart and Your Soul.  And that is place of your truest and most beautiful expression of You. 

Remember, always, to keep Ego in its place. 

We Are All One. 


little Bear