On Education

The best education any one can have is one in which one is educated as to their worth.

And none are educated as to a lack of worth.  Consciousness is dependant on one's own esteem and self worth.

Why grow weeds when we can grow flowers.  Every single person has a purpose in life.  Every one has a singular or multiple purposes.  

The realisation of one's purpose is dependant on self knowledge, self love, self awareness, self actualisation.

Education must be a process of learning necessary skills, but more over learning about self.  Growing into self.  Exploring one's element. 

Learning about one's element. Everyone is different. One size does not fit all.  We are each borne with a purpose and our mission in life is to live that purpose.

The process of Education must be adjusted to support this truth.  


little Bear 

© Little Bear 2015