On Crisis


Crisis will occur, in your life, in anyone's life, at any time.  There are beliefs that we attract things to ourselves and so an event of crisis could have been avoided. 

This is wrong thinking.  There are more forces at work than anyone person can control or dictate or be responsible for.  We know this from our everyday lives.  Even in life when you are doing your best, still the "wrong" thing can happen or occur.  You may drive through an intersection on the green light, to be run off the road by a semi-trailer out of control.  That is a crisis. Did you create it? No.  You may be out on the town and a friend pulls you from a taxi and leaves you standing on the side of the road, and then you are abducted.  That is a crisis.  Did you create it? No. 

Things happen in Life.  Events will happen.  Experiences will happen.  Moments of deep despair, trauma, heartache and grief will happen.  Moments of immense and almost unmanageable pain and grief will happen.  

Of course, review events to determine your contribution and make adjustments (if necessary), but do not demean and judge yourself for crisis.  

Rather, in the most salient words spoken on crisis, by Winston Churchill, "if you are going through hell, just keep going". 

And that you must do.  You absolutely must keep going.  And you should seek to learn as much as you can whilst going through crisis.  About the world, about yourself, about your relationship to the world.  About how you comfort yourself.  About how you can comfort yourself.  About how you can nurture and care for yourself. And about how you can grow out of and through this crisis.  How you can find more of yourself, rather than less.  How you can grow into an even greater version of yourself than before.  That is the point of crisis.  It is not fair and you may cry I didn't ask for this.  But even in crisis there are still gifts and treasures to be found: if you search deeply enough for them. 

Crisis can and will happen to anyone at anytime.  Do not judge it.  Do not judge yourself.  Do not allow yourself to be judged by others.  Take responsibility where necessary, but otherwise, focus your energy on recovery, self care and moving forward.  

And do not, under any circumstances, let it beat you.  Do not fall into self pity.  

You deserve more than to be beaten by any crisis, whenever and if ever, it should ever befall you.  And do not become defined by the crisis, for it will otherwise learn to rule your life. 

You are better than that.  Always remember that.  And always remember to seek help.  From any place where help is available: seek help.  Immediately, frequently and often: financial, emotional, psychological, spiritual whatever help you need.  Seek it out as you need it, or in advance of needing it. 

When going through crisis let your Practices be to self care and seek help as often and as necessary as possible: so that you will come out the other side. 


little Bear

© little Bear 2015