On Creating Change - the Way of the Sacred Feminine 

And so Warrior Goddess women of the world, it is a call to arms.  A call to the arms of love, peace and compassion.  That we may all now start to join together and speak.  Speak the words of healing and love.  Speak the words of kinship, solidarity, truth and wisdom.

We are co-creators in the dance of Life.  Distinguish always the man from the patriarchal belief.

Where the man arrives in his integrity as a man, honour him, because he is worthy of it.

Where a man arrives dressed in the cloak of patriarchy or brutish ego, pay it no weight, give it no moment.  Do not fight with him, do not quarrel with the false belief.

Speak from your heart.  Speak truthfully.  Speak the words of love.  Love calls on us to find our greatness.  To find our beauty and to find our brilliance.  

The era of spite must now be at an end.  

Patriarchy is fundamentally a demonstration of spitefulness, unkindness, thoughtlessness and we can go on.

Do not be drawn below the surface.  Do not fight and struggle for air.  Swim away and find your voice to play freely in your own musings and wonder.  

You are a co-creative life force in the wonderful experience of life.  

Let no one drag you to the depths. 


Little Bear

© little Bear 2015