On Consciousness

Being one's state of Being.  One's "Being-ness".

There is collective consciousness and individual consciousness.

Consciousness is comprised of beliefs, thoughts, feelings.  Those beliefs, thoughts and feelings may occur naturally or as a result of programming into the social process and world process. 

Those thoughts, beliefs, and feelings then dictate action and behaviour.  That action and behaviour may be loving and kind or it may be detrimental and harmful. 

In evolving the world that we live in, we are responsible for our individual consciousness: and actions that follow consciousness.  

Our Practices. 

There is a direct relationship between the two.  Often times the obstacle to evolving consciousness will be the silent beliefs held deeply within one's pysche, or subconscious mind.  The programming that was imprinted at an early age, and during the formative years, informs personality: beliefs and actions.  

Everyone's consciousness is different.  And around the world everyone exists in a different states of consciousness.  And therefore at different levels of vibration. 

Consciousness exists within each of us as a vibrational frequency.  Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings (generated by our thoughts) will dictate our frequency, our vibration.  The more centred we are in our heart, rather than our head, or ego the more our energy will rise and shift.  And the more our practices will reflect our heightened consciousness. 

How we relate to each other is a reflection of our consciousness (thoughts and beliefs), and / or blocks within our consciousness or the simple reality of being driven by fear, jealousy, envy, threat or other base level emotions.   Where third dimensional consciousness is "ME" consciousness.  Fifth dimensional consciousness is "WE" consciousness. 

In any state of conflict there is always the place of resolution.  There is always a place of resolution.  Any individual who holds onto their position, to the exclusion of the other persons perspective, and does not seek to find the point of resolution is firmly planted in "ME" consciousness.  Fundamental "ME" consciousness is not really a contributor to the evolution of humankind.  

And the harmful effects of (singular) "ME" consciousness in the social world, political, economic, religious worlds should not be underestimated.   Any action that is inconsistent with "Oneness" is inconsistent with a Higher Consciousness that is available to humankind.  

In shifting and evolving consciousness we must first look at ourselves.  We must first shift our own consciousness.  

This is what Ghandi meant, when he said "be the change that you want to see in the world".  Start with your consciousness, your inner world.  For that will flow into your outer world around you.   And understand in crafting your inner consciousness, you are looking to craft a state of inner peace and love for yourself.  There is no harm here.  No retribution.  No unkindness.  No condemnation.  There is of course the need for honesty.  And the willingness to look at your own blocks and seek to move beyond them.  

But first and foremost, start with being kind to yourself. 


little Bear

© little Bear 2015