On Conscious Communication 


As we move from third dimensional consciousness to fifth dimensional consciousness the quality of our communication will evolve.

Individually we will learn to speak truthfully from our hearts as a practice.  This is to be distinguished from speaking truthfully from one's ego: the place of fear, judgment, emotion and life stories and experiences that dictate the quality of an exchange.  It will be understood that there is little truthfulness from ego.  We will come to learn that our ego cannot be trusted for any great measure of truth.  But the truth in our hearts is the truth that must be spoken and we will raise our children to speak truthfully from their hearts also.  And we will understand this to be the cornerstone of our communications with each other. 

Due to our Oneness and awareness of our Oneness communication with each other will become more collaborative and seek insight into the perspective of each individual to a conversation.  A practice of meditative conversation will begin to evolve.  We will learn to speak truthfully from our hearts as a practice.   And so to we will learn to the feel the energy during an exchange, when we become present to the experience of the conversation. 

Third dimensional consciousness frequently relies on accusations against another person as a form of exchange: this occurs in the working world, the social world and between countries.  This form of exchange, that rely on the power of "accusation", will be understood to be harmful and defeatist to harmony.  

In time it will be understood that accusations and conduct towards another based on assumptions (or misperceptions) are wholly meaningless to truth: and are practices that are inconsistent with Spiritual Lore.  With each and every humans right to be treated with respect, kindness and dignity. 

And as consciousness evolves so to will the demand and appetite for truth.  Knowing that in truth there exists harmony.   

And so to where there is conflict, or misunderstanding, we will seek to resolve it as quickly as possible.  Because we know the consequence of unresolved conflict is persistent pain.  And we know that persistent pain does not create the conditions or environment for a peaceful world.  Nor does it enable individuals to live freely from past hurts and upsets.  

We will all basically seek to heal rather than judge each other, knowing that is the pathway to a life of harmony. 


little Bear

© Little Bear 2015