On Collecting the Wisdom 


There will need to be a Counsel of Elders from all tribes and races: to collect, condense and unify the wisdom.

The Counsel of wise men and women who can speak of Spiritual and Evolutionary Lore.  

The Counsel of Sages, Prophets, Poets, Visionaries and Seers.

Some Astrologers. 

A Counsel of Juniors who will hold the vision for creating a new world. 

A Counsel of Leaders who will join the nations of the world to herald in a new era.

A Counsel of Wise Women: to hold the energy of truth and love, wisdom, intelligence and nurturance. 

All change is Alchemical.   Counsels are required to give rise to, and foster the environment for the alchemy of change.

Old problems will need to be looked at through new eyes.  Approached entirely differently than before.

Collectively, communally, insightfully. 

Elected officials and political leaders, are politicians.  There is no guarantee of wisdom.  And their role is ascribed.

To make political choices to further the interest of the nation state.  Nothing new will grow in this well ploughed soil. 

Humankind needs the Counsels of leaders.  To advise and inform. To hold the vision.  To light the path to Consciousness raising. 

And Humankind needs to start speaking new languages of wisdom and LOVE, collectively and immediately. 

This is evolutionary, not revolutionary.  The work will be slow and laboured.  As will be necessary.  The growth of Consciousness will take time.

At its core.  

We Are All One.  

It is time for Humankind to evolve into a new way of Being.  


little Bear x