On Cause & Effect

The Metaphysics of Life. 

Everything is energy and everything is governed by Cause & Effect.  

As His Honour Justice Slicer, Supreme Court of Tasmania would say, "a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazonian jungle and later a storm occurs over the ocean". 

Everything is affected by Cause & Effect. 

Every relationship we have with each other is an exchange.  An exchange of thoughts, beliefs, ideas and emotions.  Which is fundamentally, an exchange of energy. 

The exchange may be pleasant.  Or it may be unpleasant. 

We impact and affect each other daily.  We feel energy.  We are affected by the energy.  We are energetic beings. 

We are energetically joined, linked and bound.  

Harm is caused when one party to an exchange fails to follow Spiritual Lore.  

When an individual is denied at the level of Soul and the level of Spirit justice or fairness: the principles that support Life and the precepts of a Life filled with LOVE. 

The principles of Law, justice and fairness, are relevant to our social and economic exchange.  There, it is the domain, of Spiritual Lore.  

It is not regulated, but all know when it has been broken. 

In all of our exchange.  Spirit knows Truth, Justice and Fairness.  Whether it be in or outside a Court of Law or otherwise.  

Social exchange is not exempt from the Lore of Spirit.  Indeed, in a civilised world,  in a new world, social exchange is understood to be governed by Spiritual Lore. 

The want of the Ego is surrendered to a greater force. 

Spirit knows whether the Lore has been followed or broken.  

Whether a lie or deception has been cultivated.  Whether a harm has been rendered.  Whether an abuse has occurred.  Whether an advantage has been taken.  

Whether an accusation has been falsely placed.  Whether someone has been unjustly denied.  All such actions are against the Lore of Spirit.  The Lore of Truth.  

And absent regulation by humankind: the Law of Karma prevails. 


little Bear x