On Your Brilliance

That is the Shining Light of You.

Your brilliance is the shining light of you.  Do not get caught on the word "brilliance" and think you need to be the next movie star.

It is not that kind of brilliance.  It is more brilliant than that.  It is the brilliance of Your Being.  

Of exactly who you are.  Of shining Your Light, your gifts, your creativity, your abilities, your joy, your kindness, your words.  

Your Heart. Your Compassion. Your Soul.

And your being engaged in life, in a work or an enterprise, that is directly in alignment with Who You Are. 

Let you be engaged in any purpose or enterprise that is your best self expression.  The best expression of Your Brilliance.

Go ahead and be you.  Be all of You.  Weird, kooky, unusual, gorgeous, creative, einstein, gentle, caring, wild You.  

Which ever word fits apply it.  Or just finds the words that make you You and be You.

The world doesn't need another "normal".  There is no normal. 

The world needs you.  As you know yourself in your heart to be.  There lies Your Brilliance.  

And there lies our collective path to a new and better world.  We all benefit when anyone person stands in their Brilliance. 

And there to lies your happiness.  Or better, your satisfaction.  Your best expression of you.  Your best experience of you. 

Go ahead and Be Brilliant.


little Bear x