On Life & the World

There is LIFE.  

And then there is the World that we live in.

They are not the same thing. 

The world, its systems, beliefs, corporations, religions, politics, education systems, manufacturing plants, schedules, timetables, KPI's, economies, money, points of view, "playing the game" is all a construction of man / humankind.

LIFE is God, the Universe, Allah, Brahman, Budda, Energy.  Life is a Force.  A Creator. The Creative Life Force.  Energy.  An experience. An intelligence.


The intelligence of LIFE, IS the only intelligence OF LIFE.  And as Creations of LIFE we will come to learn of the Creation.  We are it.  But we each can only carry certain particles of wisdom.  And our role now, more than even, is to share our wisdom with each other.  But understand this, LIFE is the mothership.  LIFE knows everything.  We are mere creations of LIFE.

Humankinds thinks it is LIFE and it creates LIFE and it is in charge of the world. 

This is wrong thinking.

Humankind is a product of LIFE.  Humankind's systems and beliefs are impermanent and superfluous to LIFE. 

In the creations of Humankind, LIFE will not interfere.  There is Free Will.  LIFE has granted its creations the experience of Free Will, in the experience of LIFE. 

But LIFE is always there.  It can be nowhere else.  It is LIFE. LIFE is constant, unshakeable and unmovable.  LIFE is LIFE. 

And Free Will aside: the destruction of LIFE, and the natural world, by a Humankind who mistakenly think they are in charge, WILL (regardless) result in consequences.  

It is inevitable.  LIFE is superior.  The Creative LIFE Force of All That IS, is a Superior force to Humankind. 

And so in life, and in living your life, be aware of LIFE.  

Be aware of the force that speaks within you, that exists everywhere outside of you and is all around you, that energy that is LIFE that is everything.  

All matter is created from LIFE.  LIFE is source. 

Listen to LIFE.  No matter what choices you make in your thinking "in this world" state of "career, education, degrees, status, doing as you are told etc".  

Tune into LIFE.  Tune into your heart and your soul. Make your choices based on your truths, your love's, your passions, your talents, your abilities, the things that you are drawn to.  The things that make you happy.  The things that make you smile.  The things that set you on fire.  Or the things that restore your heart.  The experiences that heal a wound.  

LIFE is always there and LIFE will always have a card to play: synchronicity, chance, coincidence, dramatic changes in circumstances, chance meetings, signs, falling in love, intuitions, knowings.  Those magical unexpected moments, it is then that LIFE has just played its hand.  LIFE has smiled on you, blessed you and set you forth again: for the first time, for the fiftieth time.  

It matters not.  LIFE is always there.  Even when there is no one else.  Then, LIFE is there and all around you: holding you. 

But better to avoid loosing your way.  Follow you heart, so that you may follow your path.  So LIFE may co-create with you in your best ever creative lifelong dance, and hold your hand and guide you along the way.  

little Bear x

© little Bear 2015