On Consciousness & Regulation 

In time, it will be understood that Consciousness is the dictator and regulator of human practice and behaviour.  

The understanding of this truth is fundamental.  Everything we see, experience and feel is a reflection of Consciousness. 

The world we currently live in is a reflection of the Consciousness of Humankind, individually and collectively, now.  Today.  

Thursday, 8 January 2015. 

The day after 12 reporters were shot and killed at the Charlie Hebdo Magazine in Paris.  

The day after more bloodshed and carnage on this Planet.  All in the name of a God.  All in the name of a belief. 

The day on which we will feel scared, terrified, sad, alone, unsupported and frightened of the future.  The day when morale is low and fear is high.  The day when Love is furtherest from our minds: is the day when we need to bring it closest into our Consciousness as possible.  Fear breeds Fear.  Love breeds Love.

And Consciousness, being, One's State of Being, is the path, the only path, by which Humankind, individually and collectively, will evolve beyond this day.  

And every other day like it. 

In time, a long time from now, Consciousness, will be the regulator of Humankind.  No other regulation will be required.  

As Humankind will have evolved beyond division, beyond fear, beyond separation and beyond the beliefs that cause separation and will live in alignment with LIFE and with LOVE. 

But this will not be a reality experienced in my lifetime or yours.  

In our lifetimes, we have the capacity and can build the foundations of increased LOVE Consciousness. 

Increased awareness.  Increased practices of LOVE.  Increased discussions about LOVE.  What is it?  How is it expressed? What does it look like?  How does it feel?

How do we practice our LOVE?  So, to build the foundations upon which Consciousness will grow and Humankind might evolve. 

So that in time, a long time from now, Consciousness, and the vibration of LOVE will regulate the human experience.  


little Bear x