On Love

the Creative Life Force of All That IS

Love is, above all else, decency.

It is an expression of the place of decency that lives within all of humankind.

It is not complicated.  It is not convoluted. It is not mysterious.  It is not unachievable.  

It is measured by fairness.  It is measured by correctness of conduct.  It is measured by fair exchange.  

It does not condemn, belittle, ostracise, judge, harm, ridicule, deem, shame, persecute or cause derangement by hateful behaviour.

It is therefore selfless.  

It understands that the greater good is greater that the need of the individual.  It is expansive.  It inhabits the lonely spaces and places. 

It collaborates with Life and each other.  It seeks greatness.  It is creative and wise.  It is passionate, fun and generous of spirit. 

It is gratitude. 

It prohibits torture and persecution.  It is understanding, wise, kind and compassionate.  It is sometimes firm, definite, powerful inhabited by generosity, kindness, even handed-ness and fairness.  

It is the source of Spiritual Lore.

It is never seeks to hurt or harm, but heal and restore.  It does not demean.  It does not speak ill of others.  It does not indulge itself.  

It quickly rights a wrong when a wrong is made.  It seeks to resolve rather than perpetuate conflict.  It seeks to grow, nurture, develop. 

It is not Popular, or popularity, but it is constant, consistent, careful and thoughtful. 

It is not fake.  It is truthful.  It is honest. It is genuine. It is real. And at the same time careful.

It is not self-centred or excessively self-indulgent.

It is wisdom.  It is wise. 

It is a smile. 


Little Bear x

© Little Bear 2015