On Ego v Love


There is no Truth in Ego.

It is the fuel, the furnace to power your Life, only.

Ego is sexy. It feels powerful. It's attractive. It's addictive.  

It judges. It rules. It damns. It condemns. It's superior.  It's a victim. 

Ego looooves itself and believes in itself, sometimes, fully. 

But there is no Truth there.   There is no LOVE there.

Truth only exists in LOVE.  In LIFE. 

In surrendering to Life and to Love. 

Ego is a box of chocolates.  A sugar rush, followed by a crash. 

LOVE doesn't bottom out.  LOVE doesn't betray.  LOVE doesn't forsake.  LOVE doesn't judge.  

LOVE plants gardens, tends to them through winter and waits for the blossoms to bloom. 



little Bear x