On Love Consciousness

Love Consciousness, otherwise known as:

God Consciousness

Buddha Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

Soul Consciousness

The Higher Self


Love consciousness is the consciousness of the Creative Life Force of Life.  

The consciousness of Truth.  

The consciousness of Justice.  

The consciousness of Integrity.  

The consciousness of Greatness.  

The consciousness of Joy.

And the consciousness of Brilliance.

Love Consciousness is a state of Being. 


God Consciousness is beyond ego and fear.

Christ Consciousness is a vibrational frequency that is available to all.

The path to Buddha Consciousness is paved with humility, joy and self-love.

The hallmarks of Love Consciousness are fairness, truth and justice. 


Through the art of self-love you will raise your vibration to hear, feel and see God Consciousness.  To become a practitioner of God Consciousness. 

Love consciousness is the vibration of a New Earth. 

Love consciousness is practiced by many, and there are many more to make their way from their waking sleeping state, home. 


Love consciousness is the fifth dimension of consciousness and beyond.  

Love consciousness is a state of being and awareness as to truth and justice.  

Love consciousness acts as an internal obstacle to perpetrating unkindness and will not permit such action to be taken.  

Love consciousness looks out for everyone.  

Love consciousness cares for everyone.  

Love consciousness does that because it knows that it and We Are All One.

Love consciousness does not know separation or division.  

Love consciousness is confused by hatred and acts of hate.  

Love consciousness is brilliance.

Love consciousness is a symphony and a sonata.  

Love consciousness if Rembrandt, Picasso, Mother Theresa, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Marie Curie, Einstein, Waldo Emerson, Abraham Lincoln, St Augustine, Joan of Arc, Christ.

Love consciousness knows the stranger that you meet. 

Love consciousness is a soft touch, a strong word a big hug.  

Love consciousness is fierce defiance to a wrong.  

Love consciousness burns through falsehoods, lies and untruths. 

Love consciousness is standing up for who and what you believe in.  

Love consciousness is righteous, only when it is LOVING. 

Love consciousness does not betray or leave anyone behind. 

Love consciousness reveres all of Nature and the Natural World. 

Love consciousness knows the way home.  

Love Consciousness and the Consciousness of Love is available to every human being on earth. 

Love Consciousness is the prevailing & dominant consciousness of a New Earth.

little Bear x

© little Bear 2015