On Silence


The place where the Truth can be heard.

Amongst the noise and chatter, of your own mind, and the world around you.  Take time to live in silence.

To journal your thoughts and to sit quietly in your own Heart and Soul.

This is where the Truth for you will find its way to be heard. 

En masse, within the drone and noise of our current world, there is and will always be the silence.

The vibration of the silence. The vibration of the LOVE.  The voice of Spirit.

It can be heard at all times.  But to hear it you must fall into silence. 

In the co-creative dance of life, and in the work of our evolution,  there must be a place for the silence.

Within the co-creative conversation must be the silence.  The place and voice through which Spirit will speak.

Indeed, in a meditative conversation, there will be a flow of the voice of Spirit. The energy will speak, not the individual.

It will be felt.  It will be known whom should speak next.  Who is carrying the energy. From where the next words of wisdom will come.

It is the voice of LOVE.  But can only speak when the "I" the ego, is not invited into the conversation. 

In our Conscious Evolution, allow the space for the Silence: so that the Truth can be heard.



little Bear x