On Examining God, Life & Creation


Life and Creation is a Phenomenon

Any examination of it, "Life", is the examination of a Phenomenon.  

Where, it, Creation, is the constant.  The Creator. 

It doesn't matter by which language you observe the Phenomenon and / or speak of it.  There is no "right" language or methodology.

Whether it be the language of religion,  philosophy,  science or other: no matter, you are observing and commenting on the same Phenomenon. 

And in some cases, particularly in the field of science, finding discernible ways to understand the Phenomenon.

The Creative Life Force of All That IS is the Creator of all the languages, through which you examine, explain, observe, revere, assess or analyse it.

And the many voices artfully form a tapestry, or the mosaic, that is and reflects, Life.  

There is no cause for homogeneity.  Life is more intelligent than that.  

As humans our task is to live harmoniously and creatively within the tapestry, within the mosaic, that is Life. 


Two men observe from some distance, the eruption of a volcano.  One man is Chinese.  The other man is Sudanese.  

They are both asked to explain in their language what they just witnessed.  They both speak in their native tongue of the event.

Yet they both eloquently and in detail, describe accurately, to their own eye, what they just saw: being the Phenomenon of the eruption of a volcano. 

Yet neither could or did understand what the other was saying.   

Because there is no "right language" to speak of it, we are required to respect each others demonstration or language for expressing and experiencing God.  

There is no right language.  There are multiple languages.  So whether you use the language of science, metaphysics, spirit or faith, we are speaking of the same Phenomenon.  LIFE. 

And each language or modality is a thread within the tapestry of the expression and explanation of Life. 

LIFE is a creation of immense complexity, of course there is more than one way of explaining IT. 

We Are All One.  We are all talking about exactly the same thing.  There is no cause for hate or disputation as the conversations and modalities, exploring the Phenomenon of Life, evolve.  Such thinking is antiquated.  And any action consistent with such thinking, hatred or war, is fundamentally inconsistent with the Force of Life. 

The Phenomenon of Life.  The Phenomenon of the Creative Life Force of All That IS. 

The exact same force that created each and every one of us.  And it is a force of LOVE.

"There are as many paths to God as there are souls here on Earth"


little Bear x