On Children & Parenting

Have as many children as you can consciously raise into living, deeply, in their own Truth.

That is the role of parenthood.  

To raise a child into their Truth.  Into their Element.  Into their Brilliance.  Into their Heart.  Into their Soul.  Into themselves.  Into Love Consciousness. 

And to equip your child / children to live in their Element.  To know their Element, or to be on the path to discovering their Element.  

To be equipped with skills, knowledge and resources to live in, and within, their Element.  To live in their brilliance and to have a confident and well rounded understanding of who they are. 

To master their Element or to succeed in their Element and to experience the joy and satisfaction that living within one's Element brings.  

These are the building blocks to raising the Consciousness of Humankind.  

Healthy, well adjusted, purposeful, loving and confident human beings.  

Individuals who know who they are and are happy & content with who they are, why they are here and with awareness that their contribution is valuable, and contributes to the whole. 

little Bear x


Reference Text: "The Element", Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica