The Wisdom of Bear: You, Us, Planet, Evolve 

A Philosophy of Conscious Evolution

On You

We are each here, incarnated in this life and in this time, blessed with unique skills, virtues, and abilities and a life path to follow.  

Each and every human being has their own helping of brilliance and unique identity to bring to life.  To bring to the world.

The task (should you choose to accept it) is to follow your heart, in life, to realise your brilliance and your happiness: and to offer your unique gifts to the world. 

Your restraints are your own internal obstacles (how ever they got there), fears, prejudices, jealousies, limiting beliefs, personal circumstances and emotions. 

On Us

We Are All One.  We are all the product of the same Creative Life Force.  I Am You and You Are Me.  

When I hurt you, I hurt me.  When you hurt me, you hurt you.  Our pain is collective.  We are joined and inseparable.  Our destiny is a collective destiny. 

Our potential is unlimited.  

Our restraints are every belief that creates separation: our divisions, beliefs, political systems, cultural systems, economic systems, religions, most of the "isms".

These beliefs, then manifest and govern our individual and collective emotions, practices and behaviours.  

On our Planet | the Wisdom of Mother Nature 

Mother Nature is in charge.   Mother Nature is a Superior Life Force and Intelligence to humans.  Humankind are mere tenants on Mother Earth.  

It is misconceived to think we need to save the planet.  Mother Nature, the physical manifestation of the Creative Life Force of All That IS, will always save herself, first.  

To save ourselves, OR to ensure our survival,  Humankind needs to learn to live in harmony with Mother Nature.

To fail to live in harmony with Mother Nature, the Creative Life Force of All That IS, is to play russian roulette with a Superior Life Force.  

Humankind will lose. 

On Conscious Evolution

Humankind has evolved to this moment.  Humankind has now arrived at juncture in its history where it can move forward consciously and collectively.  The means of production and survival are established.  "Survival" is no longer a daily threat.  There is a global community: and it is time to consciously engage and co-create our collective future with regard the superior status of the Creative Life Force of All That IS, Existence, the Universe, God, Brahman.  Which is a force of Love. 

Our destinies are merged.  We Are All One.  Humankind has evolved unto this moment.  

Beliefs dictate Consciousness. 

Consciousness dictates behaviour.  

It is now time for the Conscious and Collective Evolution of Human Consciousness into Love Consciousness. 

Conscious Evolution is the process by which Humankind will individually and collectively evolve into Love Consciousness.

Love Consciousness being the fifth dimensional consciousness beyond power, beyond fear, beyond ego, beyond hate, beyond separation, beyond disease, beyond poverty, beyond lack, and beyond the destruction of the natural world. 

The objective of Conscious Evolution: the individual and collective transformation and growth in Consciousness of Humankind into individual and collective Love Consciousness: and living in a world that reflects this heightened state of consciousness.   An intuitive process of guided, rigorous and respectful inquiry & meditative conversation: from which new Life serving Beliefs and supporting Practices, evolve.  


Supported by the Counsels of Wise people, the collectors of the wisdom, who will guide and light the way and each individuals journey into self-love & acceptance.

Each and every human being on the planet, who is living in their heart and being engaged in bringing to life their love, truth, brilliance, creativity and wisdom and equally moving beyond their own shadow, is a contributor to Conscious Evolution.  

Humankind is now engaged in conscious evolution, enlightenment and growth.  

We Are All One

little Bear x