I will chew at your heart

I will burn through your soul

I will destroy your endeavours

I will lie, cheat and addle your mind.


I will divide, kill and conquer

I will tear up your shores

Gallipoli, Armenia, Rwanda,

it matters not,

you will not know,

what any of it is for...


I am the drug that bludgeons

it's way through your veins

providing "reasonable" excuse,

to deceive, deprive and lie.


I am the wrinkle in the shirt

that detracts from the whole

I will, will your will

I am a deadly little mole.


The gloss will be lost

paint will dry and crack and thicken,

burning in the mid-day sun

your will unto me,

you are stricken.


The tide will run out 

and race back to shore,

blind to my danger,

the warning signs,

you will ignore.


You are blinded and confused,

such is my power

even the gentlest of hearts

I will consume and dismember.


And of all the things

Churchill once said

the only thing to fear, is fear

but fear not, 

to look upon me with dread.


So heed my warning unto you now

but do your best,

your very best,

to never give me your power.


For I feed on the bottom

I will take as much as I can

my hunger knows no limits,

if you could -

you should ensure that I be banned.


But listen even further

there is more now my dear friend

for the flow of this wave,

the tide of my force

I can be, stemmed.


For fear is my name

your power you give to me

but love my dear friend

will each and every time,


Set you free.


little Bear x