And I would unfurl

on my very own cloud,

and beyond the four corners

of this pancake flat earth,

that we now know is round

drift away from a world

that frightens me, it being,

too divided and too proud.


And in my dreaming 

and walk-about tales,

from here to the moon

I would set sail

on my hastily carved cloud

with silken torn sails

a warrior princess

and a bear called Toby

steering our dreamy little ship

to where the west winds prevail.


And Toby decked out

in black captains hat

and tightly knit curls

he navigates our way 

from here to the moon

floating, via the sun

torn sails, gleaming and a flutter

warming my heart

seeing, the world from afar

pulsing energy,

unfurled, conjoined and un-bordered

and remembering,


We Are All One.


little Bear x