Hello & Welcome from the Little Bear Lair

My name is Alison Kingston and as you will have seen from the about me, I am a former commercial litigation lawyer, actress, philosopher and poet.  This site is dedicated to the (global) developing body of work on conscious evolution, conceptualised as: The Philosophy of Conscious Evolution - On You, On Us, On Mother Earth, On Conscious Evolution.  

When I started the work 18 months ago, I wrote singularly with no awareness of the body of work developing, I believe globally, on conscious evolution.  Indeed, I have only just connected with this wider network in the last two months, and have been amazed and reassured to see the same trends, language and themes. We are truly on the cusp of a shift in consciousness.

My work initially started as a self help style of work.   However, as I wrote I realised the wisdom within was speaking in a much deeper and louder voice, and indeed combined with some incredible life experiences, I understood my role was to speak in evolutionary terms: from the seat of experience, love and compassion.  In doing so, I have found I am able to speak my truth and words, as they have always existed inside of me, but I have failed to speak for fear of not fitting in.  That in conjunction with the belief that the World as presented to me (and us all), was the only option that was available.  It is not.  There are so many more possibilities available to Humankind for the world that we would choose to create and live in.  And right now, as I write on 6 June 2015, we live in difficult times.  The endless reign of terrorism and environmental degradation of the planet, weigh heavily on our minds, hearts and souls.  It constricts our capacity to breathe.  The worldly pursuits of work and paying bills, obscure our experience of LIFE, our experience of ourselves.  The energy is constantly in flux. We are bombarded by media, propaganda, and overwhelmed with out of date belief systems, that ask us to be small, greedy, limited, unequal and unkind to each other.  Beliefs that have no awareness of the reality of LIFE.  Of the reality of Truth, or of the Truths of Life.  Of the reality of our Oneness.  On the source of LIFE as a source of LOVE.  On the Creative Life Force of All that IS, that is a force of love.  And the force by which was are all joined and bound to each other.  We truly Are All One. 

And we are each contributors to the process of evolution on earth. 

As part of this work I will be speaking strongly to the Sacred Feminine Spirit.  To the return of Selfhood of the Sovereign & Sacred Goddess Woman.  I will call on her to rise and speak her voice and her truth from her heart.  Because in darkness we must shine as many lights as possible, to light the way home.  And the Sacred Feminine heart is a crucible of endless truth, light & wisdom to guide the way home. 

Namaste, & Blessings,

Little Bear x