On Being True to Oneself

Shakespeare famously said "...in all things in life to thine own self be true".

But here is the thing.  Sometimes that is more difficult than can be understood and yet it is the most important thing any of us can be. True to ourselves.  The reason why? It is when we are not being true to ourselves that things can go wrong.  Yes. It is in those moments when we foster or cultivate an internal lie that we can pay the price later.  Going along with something in the moment, that we don't agree with or doesn't feel right that can lead to painful or alarming results.  Agreeing with something that we don't actually agree with.  Being in a relationship that doesn't feel right or isn't actually right for us.  Putting on a brave face when we don't actually in truth feel brave.  Not following our instincts even when they are speaking loudly to us.  And this all can happen for a number of reasons.  

The process of socialisation into life will lead us INTO ourselves, or OUT of ourselves.  A rich experience growing up one that is full of nurture, love, positive reinforcement and healthy learned belief in one's true self and abilities, value and worth, leads to confident, self assured people who are connected to "themselves".  Conversely, being mislead in the socialisation process as to character, value, worth or ability can lead to misguided and confused souls.  Individuals who do not know who they are or their worth.  Our formative years through to early adulthood are a forge in which we will be crafted or burnt.  And then we will live a prosperous life or one that is spent trying to undo the damage. 

These outcomes might happen for any number of reasons. And, to be clear, this is not a discussion of blame.  It is a discussion about truth and awareness.  It is coming to the understanding of the importance of self esteem and strong feelings of confidence, truth and self worth: and the importance of being raised into that awareness as our forefathers and mothers of the indigenous tribes intrinsically understood.  

Everything is cause and effect.  Absolutely everything.  And as we journey through life we come to understand that our moment of not being in our truth are also the moments that lead to our greatest pain, often later.  Where ever you are.  However old you are.  Make your number one task to be you.  To find you.  To love you.  To speak your words.  To be true to you.  

Because your happiness, born of your ease and comfort with yourself, depends on it.

Little Bear x